Jim's Story

Jim Drush Speaking  This is the story of the person I was prior to the recovery stage...

In the summer of 1980 at the age of 40, I was fine. I would have never considered the possibility that I had a problem and was in need of help. I probably looked like one of the most NORMAL of "normies."

It was a typical summer weekend... We had loaded up the camper, hooked up the boat, stored the trail bikes on the bumper and my wife, three kids, 'Tuffy' the dog and I were off to the lake for another fun - filled weekend of camping, fishing and water skiing. What could be better than this? I remember standing beside the lake that night, a nice bonfire behind me, warming me even more on a beautiful summer night. My friends and neighbors were gathered around the fire with my wife and kids burning a "smore" or two. I could see the face of the full moon shinning on the sparkling water that night. It just doesn't get any better than this! But -- I felt something... something in my stomach... an ache. It didn't feel good. It went through me. It felt almost cold, like the feeling of terror. What was this? I didn't like it, whatever it was. And then came another feeling... a feeling of loneliness. I felt alone? But how could I? I very quickly started doing an inventory to try to determine why I could possible have these feelings...
  • I had a very good job, I made excellent money. I had a beautiful home with a pool in the suburbs. Two cars, a truck, a boat, two motorcycles, money in the bank, rental properties increasing in equity quickly. I was very active in the church, played tennis with the "preacher," and was chairman of the building committee. Active and very well known in community, local, state, and national politics.

  • I was president of the Valley Republican Club, and married to the same woman for over 20 years.
Why... I had it all! This was the American dream! This is what society had said I must do to be happy. I looked like one of the most normal persons you could find. On my 40th birthday they threw a surprise party for me. You should have seen the crowd; it looked like a "who's-who" of the community. Even state politicians were there. But -- why was I having these feelings? It wasn't because I was lacking in knowledge about psychology or theology. My father was a minister and I had had years of counseling behind me. WHY? WHY?

That night I made a decision not to have those feelings again. I needed to do more to distract myself, I reasoned. So I threw myself more into my work, politics, community, church and family.


I wrote this with the state of mind and "ego" I was in at the time. This represents a portion of my mind set. This was who I thought I was. I was very impressed with myself.

Six months later I lay helpless in intensive care. MORE TO FOLLOW... This is what my 'Twelve Step' program looked like then...

...and I had certain characteristics of the 'Normies'


At this time I had no idea that I could possibly have a problem. I had no idea that there was such a thing as recovery, much less that there are 'Four Stages of Recovery.'

There is a very wise saying in recovery that...

"All neurosis is a substitute for legitimate suffering."

In those days I certainly didn't want to look at anything that might cause me discomfort, or that might disturb the image that I had of myself. I had no idea that I would eventually have to deal with 'The Four Broken Relationships'.

And Always Keep In Mind The Most Important Factor

  "What we live with we learn,
and what we learn
we practice, and what we
practice, we become...
and what we become
has consequences"...
AND almost always, I have
found, who we become
has little to do with who
we were meant to be.

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