The Church...
A Reflection of...
"The Normies"?

The world is trying to heal
The 'hole in the soul'...
Most of us have tried just
about everything. Work, money,
religion, activities, sex,
relationships, alcohol, drugs...
just don't seem to make
us happy. And we continue
to look for something or someone to fill that hole.

"We are the "normies"....
We are "The "Family"....
We are "The Church"...
We are "The World"...
... If the World is a reflection of the Church

....And the Family is a reflection of the Church

....And the Individual is a reflection of the Family

.....In order to heal the world, The church must take the lead and first heal itself. The church directs the moral and ethical directions of the family and the family directs the moral and ethical decisions of the individual member of the family

....therefore the primary responsibility, I feel, for the collapse of the morals and ethics of society rest squarely with "The Church".


To Heal The World "The Church" must first heal itself...

If "The Church" is to heal itself it must first recognize and acknowledge that it has a problem.

"The Church" must come out of 'Denial' before it can help the family."


The Church Is Not God

The magnitude of the problem is illustrated by the following examples:
Or are you one of the silent majority that make up what could be called the "normies". This could also be the same group who throughout History has stood on the sidelines and done nothing. Why is it that.....

Jim D.


(NOTE: The modified articles used below in this page are reprinted with permission of Gary And Michelle Amicault, of Tentmaker)
  • The majority of Americans remained silent when our government burned to death men, women, and children in Waco, Texas.

  • The majority of Germans remained silent when Hitler set in motion his "final solution" regarding the Jews in Europe.

  • The majority of Jerusalem yelled,"Crucify, crucify," when Pilate asked what should be done with this Jesus of Nazareth.

  • The majority of Israel always seemed to gravitate toward false gods.

  • The majority of Christians are perfectly satisfied with a little worship on Sunday and maybe a study at midweek.

  • The majority of Christians think the God of Christianity is an eternal tormenter.

  • The majority of the church, whether Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Pentecostal, Charismatic, or otherwise, believe that the Christian God Who is love will ultimately torture the vast majority of mankind for eternity.

  • He either couldn't or wouldn't save them from this fate which He Himself created. Will you follow the majority, whose God is in their own image, or will you follow the minority, whose God is Love, the Savior of all mankind?


Remember....96% Of Society are "Normies".


Are we going to always blame it on the person least able to fight back?

Why do we as a society blame the weakest?

....the children

...the homeless

....the mentally and physically sick.


...The Indians?

Why must we always find a scapegoat?

Are Christians really known by their love?


Blame-shifting and avoiding responsibility seem to be traits with which most of us are personally very familiar.

We have all seen examples of how the rich and powerful break laws and get away with it due to knowing the ropes, buying a good lawyer, or actually writing laws to make themselves immune to the very laws they put upon the people.

The newspapers and television are full of examples of corporations and people of political, religious or economic power who used their power to cover up their mistakes, escape the consequences of their actions, and find a scapegoat to shift the blame. While "the buck stops here" may be a nice slogan which wins votes, few leaders carry the slogan beyond just a slogan.

Few actually walk the talk! When we see the senator's son get a hand slap when caught in possession of drugs, while another young man serves three years for the same crime, something inside most of us cries for "justice."

When a man or woman is elected into an office because they had a tremendous amount of money behind them, something inside most of us says, "This is not the best way to choose those who will govern us."

When an individual uses the reputation of their family name to gain power and position, we instinctively sense that something is wrong.

We know that a good lawyer will help in court- that good lawyers cost more money. Logical conclusion? Rich people fare better in court than poor people. When we see this, we know it is injustice.

When we hear a lawyer say something like this: "I hope we get Judge Brown, he's a strong conservative," something inside of us says that it shouldn't matter who the judge is. Justice should be justice no matter who the person is who gives it out. But we know that is not reality.

When we look at examples like those above, if we are not involved in the actual outcome of the incidents we can see that things are not "fair," and that "justice" is not being evenly administered. We seem to have an ability to discern what fairness is, as long as we stay objective and are not personally involved in the situation.

I think most of you who are reading this article will agree that things in this life are not really "fair." Some are born into better families, richer countries, healthier bodies, better times and conditions, more intelligence, etc. We see these "unfair" situations all around us. Now the more of the "better" conditions we experience, the more likely we are not to see the injustice of it all. It is usually when we are deprived of the better things that we can see the unfairness and injustice or when we get into recovery.

Most of us would agree that all is not equal here on earth, that there is injustice in this world.
We attribute this to selfishness, greed, pride, and family dysfunction.
We generally don't accuse ourselves for the injustices of the world, they are usually someone else's fault.
Christians usually cannot see how much they are to blame for many of the injustices in the world.
But worse than that, we are blind to the fact that some of our theologies make God turn out to be the most unjust Ruler of all mankind. In the name of justice, we say that God must send billions to the eternal torture chamber. The one and single reason for this inferno is because without it, God could not be just.


Christians! What will finally get us to see that the Gods we have created are in our "OWN" image?

What will it take before we finally see that our Father is not a respecter of persons? He hardens and He has mercy on all. He locks all in unbelief so we can't puff up our prideful little chest and declare,
"I have decided to follow Jesus."
When it comes to salvation, no one on the face of this earth decided anything!

The gift is free and it goes to all whether we like it or not.
"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw ("drag" in the Greek) all mankind unto myself"
is not an invitation to decide to do anything.

It is a declaration of fact that will come to pass whether we decide to believe it or not. The Potter is going to do all His good pleasure whether we approve or not. The man who the church will not hire during the work day will be hired in the last hour and given the same wages as the self-righteous hypocrite even if the dead-works Christian Pharisee thinks he should get more or not. When God's justice is in the earth, the earth will learn righteousness.

It is abundantly clear to everyone on the face of the earth that the God preached by the vast majority of the church is not just, not fair, and not righteous. He is a respecter of persons, weak, and two-faced; made in the perfect image of she who formed Him, namely the so-called body of Christ called by the name of "the Church." In conclusion then, we find that in earthly matters, we call racism, favoritism, double-standards, prejudice, etc. "unjust."

Yet the doctrines of the modern church have made God all of the above and worse and say He is just! No wonder unbelievers look at us and call us hypocrites. The church has fallen into such darkness that unbelievers see clearer than Christians.

But then again, wasn't that exactly the way it was at the end of the Jewish era? Solomon said it well:
"There is nothing new under the sun."
If history repeats itself, the end of church history will be quite different from what the "end-time" preachers are telling us. You have heard of the expression,
"Remember the Alamo?"
Listen very carefully . . . .remember Jerusalem 70AD!!!


More Reasons For Distrust in "The Church".

People throughout the World are asking:

"If we can't trust the leaders of our churches, Who can we trust?" "We entrust with them our money and they lose it." "Were they following God's will when they made such a poor decision?"

"How do they explain this?"


This year seems to be a harvest year, and the harvest was indeed plentiful.

The leading Christian ministries headquartered in the United States were fleeced of hundreds of millions of, no not wool, but millions of your hard earned dollars. It seems their tickling ears just couldn't resist a rumor floating around the Christian financial community that a Philanthropic organization headed by an Evangelical was offering a matching fund program which guaranteed them a doubling of their, (or should I say your) money. By being able to drop names like Rockefeller, Billy Graham, etc. as references, John G. Bennett was able to convince the financial officers of the leading Christian organizations to invest hundreds of millions of believers money into a fund called New Era. It seems Mr. Bennett had concocted what was known in the investment field as a "Ponzi scheme." The idea is to take the money the latter investors give to pay off the earlier investors. Then the news goes out that this thing really works. Greedy people looking for a quick dollar are usually the only ones who fall for such a scheme.

An accountant from one of the Christian Colleges saw through this scheme and recommended his college not participate. They rejected his suggestion. He followed up on his hunch, reported his finding to the proper federal authorities and the hammer came down. It was a scam.

A partial list of those Christian ministries who were fleeced are:
  • James Dobson's Focus on the Family
  • Pat Robertson's 700 Club
  • Bill Bright's Campus Crusade
  • Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship
  • World Vision
  • Youth For Christ
  • International Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
  • Salvation Army
  • Walk Through the Bible Ministries
  • Young Life Moody Bible Institute
  • Christian Broadcasting Network
  • Wheaton College
  • Chapel of the Air . . .
. . .and the list goes on and on and on. The government estimates as much as $550 million dollars were involved. Surely these ministries will throw the blame onto anything other than themselves.

The American church, owns over a trillion dollars of real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. It's gathering and use of this money is on extremely unscriptural grounds. One suggestion that might be helpful is this:
Jesus said if you see someone hungry, feed him.
He didn't say send the money to a ministry headquartered in a nice posh office building on prime real estate that will only be able to send less than 10% of your dollar to the hungry one. (Because their salaries and expenses and profit-making schemes that fail have eaten up all the rest.)

Give the dollar directly to the hungry one!


What we have been looking at here is just another segment of our society whom we look at as "NORMAL", and yet we can show example after example of their dysfunction. They hide behind their position we have put them in.

We as a society have made the church and it's leaders our "HEROS" just as we have done with our Political leaders, Our Sports heros, our Leaders of Business and entertainment. We do the same thing with Doctors, Lawyers, and Therapist.

The modified articles used in this page are reprinted with permission of Gary And Michelle Amicault, of Tentmaker

Why we do this and how to stop doing it is a part of what this web site is about...

But wait...there's more

And Always Keep In Mind The Most Important Factor

  "What we live with we learn,
and what we learn
we practice, and what we
practice, we become...
and what we become
has consequences"...
AND almost always, I have
found, who we become
has little to do with who
we were meant to be.

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