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  • You are looking for more in your life.
  • More serenity, better relationships with your spouse, children, and parents.


Millions of people are in various stages of recovery today, and most without knowing it have probably limited their growth to a certain program or concept.

Some 'old timers' in certain groups such as A.A., ALANON, etc., may advocate a concept of limited growth. They may not realize they have done so but they give it away with their choice of words. They say such things as:
"Come to meetings, read the big book, and don't (drink, use, 'act out ', etc.) and you will be happy."
But, by itself, that concept is not producing whole, happy people.

Even Bill W., the founder of A.A. , made it clear that we should remain open to growth because he believed there was MORE.

Certainly no one is suggesting that we should give up A primary recovery program to take the next step; however, I am saying that if we don't take this step we may grow old and more angry never knowing what is wrong or what we missed.




I learned that I could not stay out of my disease and be happy for any length of time by doing just stage-one recovery.
  • (AA, NA and ALANON are examples of stage-one recovery programs.)
  • Most programs I have seen promoted by religious organizations are also first level recovery.



My hope is that this web site can be a link between many programs and persons in an effort to introduce recovery.

I know that there are many who, like me, knew that there was more to learn in recovery and higher levels to reach.

For me only my pain has made me willing to go on a search for more. This web site is about that process.




Each of us in our recovery process must recognize and deal with each of the following:
  • HELP...
  • HEALING...
  • HEALTH.....
My belief is, we all need help and we all need healing and we all seek health and happiness.




In our natural dysfunction we continue to break everything into groups:
  • 'Good' vs 'Bad'
  • 'Black' vs 'White'
  • 'Normies' vs 'Sickies'.

So why don't we take a few minutes and look at A typical 'normal' person's recovery plan?

Do even the so-called 'normies' have a Twelve Step Program?
  • I believe there are 'Four Stages in Recovery'.
  • I also believe that healing must first take place in the 'Four Broken Relationships'.
  • This isn't all work... now for some of the happiness part: 'The Four Promises'.

Come with me, if you will, as I tell Jim's story...

And Always Keep In Mind The Most Important Factor

  "What we live with we learn,
and what we learn
we practice, and what we
practice, we become...
and what we become
has consequences"...
AND almost always, I have
found, who we become
has little to do with who
we were meant to be.

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DISCLAMER: Before you start to look at the material that I have assembled for you I want to make clear that I claim very little original authorship here. Even where I don't give credit I probably should because there are very few original words of wisdom left in recovery. I want to especially thank Terry Kellogg, whom I do believe has a lot of original stuff, John Bradshaw whom I believe has the ability to synthesize others material better that anyone I know, and I guess if we wanted to be completely accurate we should not quote the serenity prayer out of content nor without giving credit to the author. I also want to give permission to anyone to use anything on this site for the benefit of recovery as long as they do not make any more money off of it. This offer only extends to what I have the right to give.

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